Kezia Tan Photo - About Me


Hi there!


I'm half Malaysian but have lived in not so sunny Suffolk all of my life, except that time I went to university in even less sunny Blackpool. Yep, they have a university.

I finished my degree with a First Class Honours in Photography where I also made a video for fun, that I could never have foreseen for it to have received over 2 million views on YouTube. That landed me into an advertising agency in London.

My love with photography has always gravitated towards people, I mean I enjoy making products look fancy but I love making people look fancy even more while being able to capture who they are and their story.

I first practised on my dads 35mm Minolta - which I still like to use. I found it slowed me down and made me think more about how and why I was shooting . That's why I adore polaroids, you cant delete that moment and I try and stay true to keeping that 'in the moment' feel with all the work I do.





Pet lover? Me too! That's why I started a pet photography business with a fellow photographer. We offer home visits but also do pop up studio sessions. You can see more on our website here